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Packages & Pricing

The short answer is "Between $500.oo and $5000.oo." Every wedding is unique and several factors play a part in Pricing:

* Location - Is your wedding local ? Cape May? Cape Cod? 

* Hours of Coverage - Most weddings are 8 to 10 Hours , but some 

  weddings might only be 2 or 4 Hours and because I don't make you

  get an "up to 8 Hour" package, the price is adjustable.

* One Photographer? Two ? Three? 

* Engagement Shoot? Books? Photo Booth?

Because of these reasons I feel it's best that we talk on the phone for 10 minutes so that you can tell me what you want and I can do my best to work within your budget.
That being said , my average price seems to fall between $1500-$2200

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